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May 1 / mystery shopper

A Supermarket Mystery Shop

Today I did a mystery shop for a large chain of supermarkets. There was quite a lot involved. First of all I had to evaluate the fruit and veg section to check all the produce was correctly displayed and not out of date. Then I had to make a purchase from the deli and the chicken counter while evaluating the staff that served me. After that I had to make an enquiry to another member of staff for something I supposedly couldn’t find and finally had to take everything I bought to the checkout and evaluate the member of staff that served me there. All in all it involved assessing four members of staff, remembering their names, what they looked like and how friendly they were. Not to mention all the fruit and veg. It was quite a lot to take on board but I just wrote it down on my phone as I went around the store. Altogether it took me about 45 minutes and I was reimbursed £10 on my final purchase. One added bonus was that when I was in the store there was a demonstration for the sharpest knife in the world which I listened to and almost purchased for £27 to sale back on ebay but decided against it as I know presentations generally sucker people in to buying things they don’t want or need. The guy doing the presentation was very good at doing that because at one point he demonstrated how sharp this knife was by sawing into a hammer. Although I didn’t buy the knife I did receive a free fruit slicer!