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Apr 18 / mystery shopper

Another Pizza Delivery

So it’s Wednesday and I already had plans but I received an email yesterday asking me if I would be available today to order a pizza for a mystery shop.  At first I declined but then I figured it was a bit of extra cash and it just meant I had to put my plans back a  few hours so I agreed to do it. I’ve just finished and I wish I hadn’t bothered as I’m convinced I’ve done it wrong. The mystery shopping companies are pretty strict about what you have to order. I’ve done the pizza delivery one several times and it’s always the same thing either a pizza or pasta with one side. The only trouble is when you order anything from a pizza place without a voucher or special offer it works out ridiculously expensive.

I called up the take away chain and placed an order for a large pizza and a side of potato wedges and it come to over £18! I mean come on do people actually pay that sort of money for a pizza? So the women suggested I do a meal deal which gave me an extra side and it cost less. Who wouldn’t do that? So I agreed but it dawned on me as I hung up that means I didn’t order exactly what was required. I mean I did, I just got one extra thing. To be honest if they don’t pay me for that I think I’ll stop doing mystery shops for anything less than £10 profit because it just isn’t worth it. You basically don’t even get a free meal because you have to pay something towards it and it isn’t even necessarily something you want or you can get a better deal by simply ordering your own thing off the menu. Plus the amount of time it takes to fill in the questionnaire afterwards is ridiculous. Anyway we’ll see what happens.