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Jun 14 / mystery shopper

Purchasing footwear then getting a refund

Today I had to do a mystery shop in a clothing store where my task was to purchase some footwear and then later return it, whilst evaluating how the staff dealt with the enquiry. At first I had a problem finding the store (which isn’t the first time) but when I eventually found it, the shop went pretty smoothly.

The staff member was quite friendly and recommended a couple of pairs of shoes. My cover story was that I was buying the footwear as a present for my brother, which I was sure was going to give away I was the mystery shopper. But if he didn’t catch on when I originally asked, I find it hard to believe that he didn’t know when I returned 30 minutes  later with the shoes asking for a refund. My excuse was that I’d just met my mum and she had bought a different pair for my brother. I mean who buys shoes as a present really? It is the most I’ve been paid for a mystery shop though so far at £20. However the boots themselves cost £90 so hopefully the money won’t come out of my account as it was refunded so almost instantly. But knowing how these things work they’ll probably debit it from my account for a week before I get it back.

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  1. Marina / Sep 22 2011

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