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Jun 15 / mystery shopper

Drive thru mystery shop

I’ve just finished eating chicken and chips which I had to purchase on a mystery shop through a fast food drive thru. It was the first mystery shop I’ve done where I had to order a meal through a fast food drive thru. I had to evaluate the cleanliness of the store then purchase a chicken and chips bucket meal. The speed of service was excellent probably because there were no other cars in the drive thru.  From the time I arrived to place my order to the time I received it was all under two minutes which I found pretty impressive. The staff members were very friendly and polite. Everything was going great. When I received the order I parked up to check the temperature and quality of the food when of course I realised I had a bit of a problem. I’m beginning to get used to things not going right first time with me. Everything happened so fast that I forgot to ask for a receipt. I checked in all the bags and realised that if I don’t get a receipt I wouldn’t get paid. So I figured there was nothing for it. I had to go back through the drive thru and ask for a receipt! Now again I feel like perhaps it’s me being paranoid but I always have a sneaking suspicion the staff members know I’m a mystery shopper and then I go and do something that must be a dead give away. Who ever asks for a receipt from a fast food restaurant? Especially if you’ve already got your food and driven away! Well I didn’t have a lot of choice but you can imagine how sheepish I felt driving through the drive thru just to ask for a receipt. Still I’m glad I checked before I’d got all the way home and eaten the entire meal. I’m sure they will get easier the more mystery shops I do.

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  1. Vkke / Sep 25 2011

    Don’t feel awkard about going back for receipts, I do it all the time for work related expenses which includes fast food. I usually park the car and just go in because it’s quicker.

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