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May 14 / mystery shopper

Name of the shop changed!

This week I was supposed to do my third mystery shop in a local convenience store. However when I went to do it on Monday they were renovating the store. I went back a few days later only to find out that the store had been converted into a shop with a different name! What were the chances of that happening on the exact day I was supposed to do a mystery shop? I contacted the mystery shopping company and they said they would get back to me if they still wanted me to do it yesterday. They didn’t. Today I got a message from them saying that I hadn’t submitted the report and I had until the end of the day to submit it, even though they hadn’t told me to go ahead and do it! I will wait and see if they contact me again next week. So far I’ve had three mystery shops to do. The first one went well. The second one I couldn’t find the place and now this one’s changed the name of the shop! It started off easy enough but hasn’t stayed that way.

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