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May 23 / mystery shopper

Pizza Delivery

This was my first purchase I’ve had to make for a mystery shop. I had to order a pizza online. I had read the instructions pretty thoroughly as this was the first one for this company. It involved assessing things such as the website, how long it took to deliver, the friendliness of the delivery driver, his uniform, any greeting/parting comments and then the quality of the pizza. Now for some reason after reading the instructions, I was expecting a full on conversation with the delivery person. Although having done a delivery job myself, I know you don’t usually hang around.

When the pizza arrived, I noted the time and opened the door. There was a guy stood there, he gave me a receipt, shoved the pizza into my hand and went “OK?” then went and got back in his car. I had at most 10 seconds to get all the information I required. In hindsight maybe it would have been better to pay by cash so he would have had to been there longer and I could have assessed his uniform and everything else. The instructions were adamant I had to get the delivery persons name. However he wasn’t wearing a badge and it didn’t have his name on the receipt so I’m actually wondering if they’re going to pay me at all now. Even though there wasn’t much I could have done apart from ask him his name which then makes it obvious I’m a mystery shopper. They had better pay me because the order cost £15 and they’re only paying me £12.50 which I don’t mind as it means I only paid £2.50 for the pizza. But if they decide not to pay me then I’m going to be out of pocket and had to spend over an hour reading the instructions and filling in the report. Time will tell and yes the pizza was nice.

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