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May 21 / mystery shopper

Contact Lens Enquiry

Got the car back from the garage yesterday so went and completed the other two shops today. It was the same deal as the one I did Wednesday. I had to go in and make an enquiry about wearing contact lenses. The first one I did went well and the guy gave me all the information that was required. The second store went pretty well but the lady wasn’t as helpful as the other two although she still gave me most of the information. I quite like doing the mystery shops where I have to just go in and make enquiries, it’s pretty straight forward. I also heard back from the company about doing the shop before the stores name changed. They informed me I no longer have to do it, although the company are going to pay me half (£4) for attempting to do it, which I guess is better than actually having to do the shop and filling out the report!

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