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May 19 / mystery shopper

Car Trouble

Today was the first time I was going to attempt to do more than one mystery shop in a single day. The plan was to do three opticians where I had to go in to each of them and make an enquiry about wearing contact lenses. I didn’t think it would be much of a problem as the other two mystery shops I’ve done doesn’t take very long. The first one went smoothly, the staff member pretty much ticked all the boxes and gave me all the information she was supposed to. I jumped in the car to drive to the next one and half way there I noticed smoke coming out of the engine. I pulled over and called my parents as my dad is quite handy with this sort of thing. He came out and noticed that there was a leak in one of the pipes so drove it to a garage. One of these days I’m going to do a mystery shop and nothing will go wrong! Hopefully I will get the car back by the end of the week to complete the other two shops. Still haven’t heard about the mystery shop I was supposed to do last week so I’m assuming the company doesn’t need it done anymore.