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Apr 8 / mystery shopper

My First Mystery Shop

Today was my first mystery shop in an electronics store which I had never heard the name of before. I had to go in and assess things such as whether the members of staff were wearing the correct uniform, the state of the store and whether the displays were tidy. Then I had to approach a member of staff and tell them I was looking for a camcorder with a touch screen display and a HDMI output. I didn’t actually know what a HDMI output was but had a look on their website before I left. The mystery shopping brief said that the staff member was supposed to recommend a specific brand. The first member of staff I approached didn’t seem to think that they sold them and checked on the computer. I knew this was wrong and there were several questions on the questionnaire which would mean she hadn’t done a very good job if she couldn’t even find the product. I get the feeling she was quite new but to her credit she went and asked another member of staff who took me over to the camcorders and found the exact one he was supposed to recommend to me. We spoke for five minutes. I came up with some story about my dad wanting it for his birthday and I may come back later to purchase it.

All in all he did pretty well and had good product knowledge; the shop was tidy with everyone in the correct uniform so I gave them a good report. I didn’t have to buy anything on this mystery shop so it was pretty straight forward. I get the feeling most companies start you off with the easier ones to make sure you’re reporting to their standards. So there you go my first ever mystery shop was straight forward and a success for both me and the staff in the shop.